Sugar Creek, Montgomery County, Indiana

Montgomery County Rain Barrel Program

The Crawfordsville Rain Barrel Community Program

From 2013 – 2017 Sustainable Initiatives had teamed up with The Great American Rain Barrel Company (TGARBC) to offer a community-wide discount for new rain barrels.  An estimated 187,800 gallons was saved overall! (based on average seasonal rainfall, collected from a 500 sq ft area)

SI did not receive revenue for this program. Our goal was to help generate local enthusiasm for the many benefits of rain harvesting.

Rain Barrels

Made from repurposed BPA-free olive shipping barrels, TGARBC’s products are the most imitated on the market and have received high reviews.

Rain Water Facts:

• It takes less than 1/8 inch of rain water to fill a well situated 60 gallon rain barrel.

• Sixty gallons can cover about 100 square feet with 1 inch of water.

• Water consumption increase between 20 and 200% in the summer months.

Rain is free and your roof is a natural catchment area. Gardens and lawns prefer natural rain water. Rain barrels are a cheap and convenient way to make your home more cost efficient. One rain barrel attached to your downspout can provide you with approximately 1700 gallons of water each season that can be used outdoors for your flower and vegetable gardens and potted plants.

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